Believe the compliments

Yes yes yes, I know it’s been a while, but please bear with me, I am trying my best to find my feet this year and 6 months of the year is already gone by.

A few days or so ago, I posted on my social media pages, that it’s so very difficult for me to accept compliments. The strange thing is the compliment that I denied myself, was when someone I interviewed for an article, called me a writer.

Gosh, my first instinct was to correct this very generous man, by telling him that I, in fact, was not a real writer. He, of course, tried to encourage me and assure me that I was being modest for no reason. I was just dumb-struck by his so-called observation of me.

I mean, am I not a writer? I have been pondering this question this our encounter and can’t seem to think why I don’t want to be viewed as a writer. I guess one because I don’t want to be regarded as a rubbish writer, even though I have a degree in English and worked as a journalist for several years, I just never saw myself as a writer.

Yet I know for certain, that I’d like to be. For me, the compliment is an honour I am not ready to bestow upon myself and this is the issue. Why not?  I keep telling myself that I am not good enough. Not good enough a writer yet to be called a writer and yet I can’t tell you when that will be. I feel as though my writing will be considered rudimentary and then people will call me out as a fraud.

The truth is, as all of us appreciate different genres of music and books, so my style of writing won’t be liked by everyone, but really why should I care that much, if that’s the case.

I know one thing though, that on this 1st day of July, that I want to learn to be kinder to myself and own the value I know I have.

So though I may not be ready to call myself a writer yet, I feel I have so much to still learn, I will say that I love to write, and I love what I write, even if it’s just for me.

I believe this year, the 6 months of it we have just endured, has taught me to love myself a little more each day and to believe that I am able to do the things that I set before myself. I need to learn to love and receive the comments given to me because perhaps people see things on me that I have yet to see and that’s something beautiful right?

So here’s to the next 6 months, of me being okay, enough to be vulnerable and loving the growth that comes from it.


Learning to love me

Besides, we will never be everyone’s cup of tea. But don’t miss out on a happy life by being closed up to the possibilities of being great. Believe in yourself and say yes to the love those around you want to give you. You are a masterpiece.

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