How important is your thyroid?

Two years ago the state of my thyroid didn’t mean much to me.  I was rather convinced that my body would bounce back into shape, after I gave birth to Amelia-Rose. Unfortunately things weren’t as simple as that and I started searching for answers.

A seemingly small and insignificant glad has really changed my world so much. I cannot believe that it took me two years to find out, just how important thyroid health really is, and it’s shocking to me how little most women know about their thyroid.

For the most part I thought that my weight would simply fall off, as I was exclusively breastfeeding my little bub, but alas this was not the case. Just like after my son, I committed to eating clean and living a more active lifestyle, the change was good and I lost 21kgs in less than a year. I managed to keep all the nasty kgs off, even during my pregnancy, I was so sure that the extra weight would be a breeze to get rid off.

But something was wrong, I was not feeling well, I was not feeling myself at all but not in the “baby-blues” kind of way, no I was just not feeling like I knew I should. I was gaining weight (despite clean eating and exercise), I was tired all the time and simply couldn’t sleep at night, I was so moody and irritated with everyone.

My biggest concern was the amount of perspiration I was experiencing. I don’t mean just a little sweat because I was dressed to hot, no, I mean I was full-on sweating even though it was winter. I never experienced that, I always got cold so easily, so this was so strange, water droplets on my brow and my lip, even after just a shower. I would wake up in the morning and my pillow would be wet with my sweat. Not very attractive or comfortable.

The second most noticeable change in my body was the change in my hair texture. I have always had straight thick hair, and it was always easy to manage but all of a sudden my hair became coarser and extremely dry. I thought it would get better once I stopped breast-feeding and my hormones would balance out, but it didn’t.

I believed my hormones were the issue, but not in the way I thought. I knew that my hormones were not in sync, I had a lot of milk which was a great thing, but my body produced so much more milk and I could have easily donated my breastmilk as I was producing so much, much more than my baby needed. Still, I didn’t think this was a problem as per say and just thought it would balance out.

I trained at gym daily and I had a personal trainer for an entire year, I ate clean and I made sure my body was given the nutrition it needed, but still nothing changed.

Fast-forward to a few frustrated months later. Many blood tests later and many, many, many doctor visits later, I had been diagnosed with an under active thyroid.

Please note that I had gone for tests before and the doctors always said that my thyroid levels were in the normal range but I knew it just wasn’t right. I had a gut feeling.

Finally I decided that I was tired for feeling weird and for my own sanity, I went to see a homeopath, who took consulted with me and confirmed that my thyroid was in fact in active.

I cannot tell you how much this discovery changed my life, I felt better within a week of taking the natural meds prescribed to me, even though my homeopath warned me that it would take up to six month before I would see a difference in my body.

I don’t want to bore you much more with my thyroid story, but I feel so much better that I would literally scream with joy.  I am losing weight but more than that, I feel like I am functioning better, sleeping better and more in control of my body.

I want to encourage both men and women to become more in-touch with their bodies and not ignore the symptoms and just take them for granted. Don’t accept that your body is growing weaker when in fact our bodies are meant to grow stronger.

Pictures indicate my progress from before the thyroid medication and then now after four month later.

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