Just stop time already

How many of you are freaking out at the thought of your children growing way too fast? I must admit that there was a time, that I wanted time to go by and for them to be a little bigger, so that they could one sleep better and eat better, and be a tad less dependent on me. But now, now I am totally unnerved by the fact that they becoming less and less dependant on me, and it’s breaking my little heart. (In a good way)IMG_0189.jpg

My children, being four and one, are not what we would say, big children, but as they growing, I see them needing me less. Like in the small things, like when Eli can fix himself a snack in the kitchen and change channels on the telly, without any assistance from us. Or like when, lil Miss Rose wants to feed herself at meal times. I know that none of these warrant my immediate concern, but they do, and I am sure they should.

Gosh,being a parent is totally not for the faint-hearted, lives get turned up-side down and that’s genuinely ok. I would not want it any other way,  but darn-it can we just stop time already, can I capture every single moment in a bottle and keep it safe. My heart cannot handle the many many changes in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth that overtakes my children.

I know I always say this but I am so very blessed with the best and I cannot say thank-you enough, my children are happy, healthy and very feisty. I on the other-hand, I am always worried that I am not doing enough to ensure optimal growth, the very thing I want to halt. Hahaha, such is life, I guess, but I would never have thought that see and experiencing the growth of my children would give me sleepless nights.

Eli at four-years-old just totally boggles my mind. He has such a smart-mouth and I keep thinking, oh crap this child has so much of my personality. Also he cries a lot. A LOT! Hahahaha, again, a trait we share. His cries are random, from being too tired, too happy, too sad, too emotional, too hungry, too full, ‘too’ anything and drives his daddy bonkers. I can only laugh because I do the exact same. I am sad when I am too tired, too hungry, too worried, not too worried, just about any too-something and I see this in my son.

Isn’t it just so weird, how much our children are like us and as they grow the revelation thereof is more and more apparent. But then of course you could have a child that’s the direct opposite of you, and that is an experience in itself.

Amelia-Rose, is simply her dad’s child. When Eli and I are crying, they stare at us in irritation. Hahahaha. Obviously wondering what the heck are wrong with these people? She is feisty and head-strong and that’s her dad’s DNA right there. It’s so adorable though, to see a lil girl version of the sexy-hubby. I cannot kiss her enough and like her dad, they get annoyed with all these hugs and kisses that Eli and I are dishing out. So cute.

Aaah, I am blabbing on and on, about how cute my children are, but it’s actually my way of documenting their amazing lives, and how amazingly awesome it is to share their lives with them. I just want to make sure they know how much I love them and how blessed we all are to have love, happiness,protection and peace.


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