Dating for a great marriage

IMG_0255So my sexy-hubby and I are still so very much in love even after 9 years. I am not bragging but I am bragging, because, well I do believe that marriages today aren’t all doing well and it’s very sad to say the least.

So what makes us so different? Well without sounding religious and overly long-winded, I must point out that we have God at the centre of our relationship. Say what you want, we truly believe that our relationship was and continues to grow, on something so much bigger than us and that is our relationship with God. Ok, so many relationships may be based on the sharing a strong faith, trust and love but  still there are cracks, so what else?

Well for us, the thing that keeps us going is that fact that we try our utmost to schedule date-night with each other, despite having two children under five and despite the fact that hubby has a crazy travelling calendar.  We decided long before having children, that children won’t take away from the fact that we came together in a union of love and that it’s something we would continually need to work on.

We are by no means expertise in marriage but that fact that we have decided together that children won’t replace the love we have for each other is truly a game-changer. My hubby and his needs do come first, my children will as a result have all their needs met, both, emotionally and physically, because mommy and daddy have taken care of each other first.

So every week we make time for a date, we do simple things like go for a cup of coffee or a movie and even on the days we dog-tired, we still go, because dating each other is life. We switch the cell-phones off and we learn to talk to each other, like really talk, like when we were dating and trying to get to know each other, it’s the same, cause trust me, we don’t fully know each other. The more you learn the more you learn that you don’t know it all.

I mean think about it, we change, we grow and we have new dynamics in our personal lives and even at work, so we as people are constantly changing. It’s exciting and thrilling to share your life with the one that you have chosen to spend life with.

Also we try our best to keep all conversations clear of little human talks, thats for any other time. So proper adulting. Lol

Peeps of course we argue and of course we don’t always feel like it, but the point is that we don’t always feel like being a parent, yet we know that we must make it work no matter what, so that’s our attitude towards marriage too. Do whatever it takes to make it work and always maintain the levels of respect like you did when you just met each other.

And dress the part guys, both of you, yes our bodies have changed but our attitudes need not, put on lipstick and do your hair, your lashes, your eyebrows, get some perfume on that body and go and date each other. You will thank me later.

Also do the things that adults do ne!


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