Sick babies and working moms

I can honestly say that having a sick baby is by far the worst thing ever. The feeling of being unable to help your little humans is truly devastating and whenever any of my babies (including the sexy hubby) get ill, I feel so very lost.

Today is such a day, the very little one is teething I guess but not feeling well as a result thereof. Or perhaps she is just not feeling well because some or the other bug decided to bother her. I really can’t say why, but I do know its a very horrible feeling to feel so lost as a parent.

I always try to protect my children as best as I can but even with all the vitamins, healthy foods and healthy exposure to the environment naughty bug seems rather inevitable. I guess we just have to trust our bodies, their bodies and trust that the good stuff will out weight the bad eventually.

As far as possible, I always promote the idea that our bodies can sort itself out with little intervention from over the counter medicines, but over time. I am such a believer that homeopathic meds are always better and one just has to employ some patience but still I cannot say I enjoy the process.

Tomorrow will be better I tell myself today. For now it’s lots more cuddles and hugs and kisses and extra love, if that’s even possible.

However the reason for my post is actually more out of camaraderie towards. my fellow working moms, who have to leave these little humans at home and or leave in the care of someone else, if and when they can’t stay at home themselves. I feel for you, I am often you. I know fully how difficult it is to concentrate at work when all you thinking about is your child and if they are feeling better. Most of the times they are feeling better than we think, but it kinda feels so unnatural to go to work when your child isn’t well. In fact it feels darn right, inhumane.  At least for me.

So to all my fellow working mothers out there, I see you, I feel you, I pray for you. We will get through this, just try not to let the guilt consume you.





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