It’s been a while

I believe taking a break is always so very important, as it gives us perspective and time to reflect on things passed.  Unfortunately I have been forced into a break and yet it may have very well been the best thing to happen to me.

As the world of technology goes, I have had not one, but, two laptop crashes.  I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult that has made my life, in as far as work and writing is concerned. I got work done on borrowed computers but, I simply could not bare the thought of typing longs blog-posts on my cell-phone, I was just not going to do that. I think I also kinda didn’t know what to write about anymore.

Then of course it was school holidays and I thought it be best if our nanny Lindi goes to visit her children in Zimbabwe. Little did I know that it would mean my life would be extra-busy and even chaotic at moments, as I took on the task of full-time mom and house-keeper. Boy-oh-boy, do I now really appreciate the awesome job Lindi does.  I could hardly get one child dressed and out the house on time for various must-happen appointments. I has to clean and cook and do washing and run endless errands and I was sooooo exhausted at the end of the day. What a crazy-busy job being a full-time mama.

Oh but it was such a blast too, I really got to spend quality time with my little humans and that made me so happy. Hubby did a bit of work travel so it was really just us three at times. I enjoyed all the outings and activities and yearn to spend more time with them.

I am actually so blessed to have Lindi, a nanny who takes care of us all and who takes time do assist with the things I can’t always get to. I  also realized how quickly, way too quickly, my children are growing. I could not believe the in-depth and conversations I was having with Eli. He is a very intelligent four-year-old, even if I must say so myself, but he has grown much too quickly. He is a witty child, with a very inquisitive mind. I’d love to spend more time getting to unpack all his thoughts. He is so wise.

Amelia-Rose on the other-hand, is a ball full of energy. She simply does not stop. She is very cute though, always trying to do what her big brother is doing. At only 1, I can see all of her development running pass me. It scares me to think she is becoming a little human who will become less and less dependent on me.

During my break I have learnt that I am nervous that I will miss my children. That I won’t witness their growth and development. It scares me. I literally wish I could stop time at this exact stage in their lives. This time with them, made me realize that time with them cannot be exchanged for anything in the world. I am making mental notes of how I can adjust this posing challenge.

So yeah, I took a break from writing, but I am so glad I did.  I am enjoying this phase of my life, learning and discovering more of my children and in the process learning more about me.

And I have so much to say, watch this space.




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