Blessed indeed

It’s been a while and I am so sorry for neglecting you all. So much has happened in this last few months and it has kept me terribly busy.  I am, however looking at means and ways to make sure I communicate better.

So let me begin by saying that I have been so emotional celebrating two very special birthdays. First it was my Eli, on the 28th of February, when my little champion turned four years old. I don’t think I was ready for the maturity that comes with this age. He is such an independent thinker and he knows exactly what he wants when he wants it. Eli decided he wants to have a boys only party for this friends and no girls were allowed, except me, as I had to bring the food and his sister, who according to him had to sleep throughout the party.

Oh man, my son is just such a pleasure and at the same time he really makes me want to pull out my hair. He is so stubborn and at four his mouth shouts things like, “I don’t care” and , “I don’t like you”, and I just want to scream. Every last thing is a negotiation. I mean everything.  He wants to choose his own clothes, wear the shoes he prefers (even its white sneakers to school on a rainy day) and if the clothing item does not have a cartoon character on it, then it’s not worth wearing.  He tells us every morning how much he does not like school, because he hates waking up in the mornings. He is always hungry and we never seem to feed him the things he likes, which would be dry rice,potato fries, prawns or Tinkies. We are really terrible parents!

Yet I cannot imagine my life without this child. He is very intelligent and asks questions non-stop. I like that about him, not goes unnoticed and that makes me so happy. My son knows when I do my hair, when I have painted my nails a different colour and even knows when I don’t feel well.  I just love him so and celebrating him this year was just extra special.

Then there is my Mimi. Our princess turned one on 22 March, and of course I balled my eyes out at the realisation that time waits for no-one.  What joy she brings to our lives and how blessed we are to have this little feisty human in our lives.  Amelia-Rose is too cute for words and she makes us all laugh with her antics.  Never have I seen a one-year old so busy and active.  If she isn’t climbing tables or dancing to every single song that plays, then she is running after her favourite person at the moment, her mama. She even sang happy birthday to herself the whole of last week.  I know she is as intelligent as her brother as she loves books so much. I just wish I could freeze time.

Hubby and I consider ourselves very blessed and I am honoured to be a mama too these two. We are not perfect and I don’t profess to know anything, but I do know that I thought I wasn’t cut out to me a mother.  I felt far too weak and depleted in those first few week post-delivery, but now I know it only made me stronger.

My heart is so full and I am blessed.


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