Hip Hip Hooray!

It’s birthday season in our home, as from January to April we have all four our birthdays. I am so big on birthdays  and love the fuss that goes with planning parties and gifts, but it sure can be a bit taxing.

In January its my very own birthday and we usually spend time with family and have a big dinner. There is always food involved. In February it’s my big boy Eli’s birthday and for him, his birthdays are becoming more relevant to him as he grows older, so it means having a party.

In March this year we get to celebrate one full year of my Miss Amelia-Rose’s life, and to me this means having a party, most definitely. Then in April it’s the birthday of my most favourite human , my sexy hubby Warren, and of course I then also want to have a party.

So since I am basically hosting a party every month for the first four months of the year, it almost seems to me that budgets can become somewhat of a concern. Parties are usually for the pleasure of the guests and the pocket of the host and then of course there are the gifts, so shortly after Christmas.

Aaaah but it’s so fantastic to celebrate life! Not so fantastic when you realize how careless we can be with our finances.

I think ,me, wanting to be a lot more frugal was almost my number one New Years resolution. Yet I am seriously struggling not to go wild with my party planning.

I love having people over, eating good food and making a huge fuss of the birthday boy or girl, yet it can be so draining on the pocket.

I need some ideas….Moms, Dads out there, what to do?

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