Hanging up my (breast-feeding) bra

It’s been a full seven days of no breast-feeding and I have come to the grand realization, with tears in my eyes, that my breast-feeding journey has come to an end.

How bittersweet this moment is for me? I know the time is right, each mom and baby will know the time, and I know that I have done my absolute best. For nine full months I have given my little human, Amelia-Rose, breast-milk, a full six months longer than I had managed for her brother Eli.

I am proud of what I have accomplished, even though in December, I thought that she will never leave my boobs alone. Oh how I actually miss it now!

But cheer up Teixeira! No use crying over spilled milk…hahahaha. You have come so far. Struggling serious over supply, under supply and crazy hormones, here you are, a mother to a happy healthy, never sick or sad, chubby thigh-ed, little girl.

I simply could not have done this without the support of my sexy-hubby Warren Murray.

Well-done to my amazing mommy friends still going strong, you are super-women!!

In fact, I am pretty awesome, myself!


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