I don’t want to spoil

I have been so blessed to be a Mama to two incredible humans, and of course it’s so natural for me to want to give them everything their little hearts desire.

Just yesterday, Eli, spoke to his granny over the phone and he proceeded to tell her all the gifts he wants for Christmas. I was honestly shocked at the length of the list, from trampolines, jumping castles, helicopters, Ninja-Turtles to jungle gyms.

I guess most three-year-old boys would love all these gifts but I guess I was shocked at the thought of me actually wanting to buy him all these gifts, perhaps because, one we feel he is so cute and wonderful and he deserves it and well if we budget well we could afford to purchase a few of these items no problem.

And that is exactly my problem. How do we know when we are spoiling our children? I never want to feel like my children don’t appreciate the things we give them and yet we still keep giving them things.


According to Google Dictionary the word spoil in itself has such a negative connotation and I am not sure how to get around the idea that shouldn’t give my child too many things. I don’t want to be the parent who harms the character of the child because I allowed unnecessary indulgence.

Gosh that is by far the worst thing for me. I would hate to rear a spoiled child, who doesn’t value  and appreciate the things we afford him.

Yet I know because there is this sense of “we didn’t have and so if we can afford lets give our children everything ” kind of feeling.

I know this is true for both Warren and I. We like to give give and give and I sometimes feel our children just get get get. And yes of course it’s up to us to teach the values of appreciating the things you get, I just don’t think it’s always that easily achieved. In a way I want to call it a “first world problem” Am I correct? I don’t know. Am I making excuses for not being able to practice my own restrain in giving? Possibly?

I have just really been thinking that I want both my little humans to realise that they have certain fortunes that others don’t have and they should be appreciative.

I definitely believe that this is something I need to ponder on for a while and that it will definitely be something that I will learn as I go on but it’s something I have become aware of and that for me is progress.

I know that I am not alone in this, our children are born into a different world. They are exposed to so much more, they have more opportunities and in many ways I feel they won’t ever experience the struggles we faced, whether financial or socially.

They just born into more and ‘things’ come with that. I guess.

I just pray that I remain conscience of this fact and that I constantly aim to teach the art of giving and appreciation to my own children.



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