I miss you…

I never realised just how much I miss writing my thoughts down. For this reason I have truly enjoyed blogging. However being a full time working mama, during marking season, I simply have not had time to sit down and just write.

Gosh, I forgot what it was like to work and have motherly duties, and I am so involved at church and trying to get my body back at gym.

Yikes it is rough but so enjoyable.

Weird huh! I mean I love being busy. I love the feeling of being needed and helping out. I love it, I need it, but I need some me time.

Teixeira I miss you.

I miss our random thoughts and I miss our moments of just nothingness.

But it’s ok! This season will pass and I will be able to grab a book and lounge around and most importantly, write down all my thoughts for you all to read.

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