Toddler times

There are very few things in life that is as “interesting” as raising a toddler. They are truly a special kind of “crazy-wonderful” experience, one you will learn to love and hate simultaneously.

I am sure you have heard of the term “terrible-twos” and though I was adamant to call it the “terrific-twos”, it was truly my faith statement. So besides the fact that most two-year-olds are just learning to push boundaries and your patients, I cannot say that it compares at all to a three-year-old going on 21.

I introduce to you my son Eli Johnathan Murray, the worlds most opinionated three-year-old there is. Period. This child has the ability to bring me to tears and laughter  all in one single moment. I find myself screaming both in my head and out loud at the things he does and says and guess what? He often do things to irritate me on purpose. And then he laughs, because he thinks its extremely funny to drive his mommy bonkers.

I love this little human being so much. He is uber intelligent and he is a big thinker. He hardly forgets, which is a blessing and a bit of a curse all at once. Like how he tells his dad about every move I make, like going to the shop too often and wanting to check the contents of my wallet when I say I don’t have money to buy him sweets.

He notices if and when I get my hair and nails done and will even proceed to tell me if he thinks its nice or not. He never hesitates to tell us all whats on his mind and will remind you of any possible promise you made in an attempt to appease him.

Eli. Eli. Eli. My son. I never thought I would be a mother to such an amazing little person. He can be so absolutely naughty but he melts my heart and I feel as though he simply grew up way to quickly.

Everyday is a new adventure and everyday is a blessing with him in my life. He made me a mother for the first time and its been such an honour.

I love being Eli J Murray’s mother.

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