Grateful heart

The year has simply flown by. It’s been a whirlwind in many ways and one can so easily get distracted by life, that we forget to take a moment to take in all the blessings that has been poured into our lives.

I have been going at a crazy pace this year. As I am writing this, I marvel at the fact that both Eli and Amelia-Rose have grown so much over the course of this year. I mean my baby-girl is already five-months-old (22 weeks old) fast approaching six-months of life and I have not felt like I have gone crazy. Sjoe! That is an achievement in itself. I can only thank God and my amazing support system.

So many moms out there deal with so much, and I hear their  stories and I can only go on my knees and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am a spiritual being and believe in living a holistic life. So this week I am purposefully taking a moment to reflect on my blessings, and in the process I am learning to be grateful again. I say “grateful again” because we get caught up with the things we not happy with, I know how easy it is to complain about silly stuff, that you not at your ideal weight, that your baby isn’t sleeping through, that you wish you had more money, more time, more holidays, more nice things, more, more, more stuff. We simply tend to forget that actually when you take stock of what you DO have, then everything else falls into place. An attitude of gratitude certainly does attract more. But don’t be grateful to get more, learn to be content in the moment and genuinely appreciate what you do have in your life. The best things in life are really free. Learn to value that.

I may not be in the ideal place in life but GOSH, I have so much to be grateful for. I cannot stress enough how blessed I am to be an educated professional (teacher), wife to an amazing husband and mother to two incredible human-beings. I have my  own mother still healthy and alive always willing to help me and she is amazing may I add, and she lives just  a short distance from me. Also I am so pleased to say that I have found my  “Selina” in Lindi and she is simply amazing with my children. I am indeed blessed.  And for this I am grateful.

So many of our friends and family are facing real difficult challenges, unemployment, sickness, divorce, personal loss, worry and even unforgiveness and so much more. I can honestly say that though my life is by no means better than the next person, I am in a good place and I must acknowledge that.

I am most grateful for my faith, knowing that is something so much bigger than me at work in my life and that I can pray to a God that hears me. I find such peace in this knowledge and I feel blessed.

There is such power in knowing that you are the real creator of your happiness, you are the only one who can unlock the power that being grateful brings. Learn to be aware of the blessings and learn to complain less. I guarantee you will soon find yourself in a much happier space and learn you not in competition with anyone else just yourself.

Choose to be happy today, choose to be grateful.

2 thoughts on “Grateful heart

  1. This is truly beautiful. An awakening to those of us who get so busy with life that we forget how happy we are with what we have …yep those little joyous moments make everything feel better.
    Thank you my friend 😘


    • Oh my Projeni

      Technology somethings gets the better of us. I didn’t even see this comment.

      So much appreciated and I just love you for supporting me in practically everything I do.

      Love you tons


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