Holiday Bliss

For many families the thought of going on a lovely get-away with  two small children can be completely daunting. I mean of-course you get all excited about going on holiday but the thought of all the fuss that is involved hardly seems worth it and if you not careful you may actually need a holiday from your holiday.  Yet this time ,I think we have finally cracked it. We invited our nanny along and boy oh boy, what a pleasant difference it made.

At first I definitely had my reservations about inviting a brand new nanny on an intimate family trip but I couldn’t figure out how I would relax and spend time with my husband if we didn’t just take Lindi along with us. And we just had to trust that our instincts and our “good-feelings” wouldn’t let us down, so we did it, we invited a perfect stranger whom we employed three weeks ago to spend 7 days with us in Zimbali.

I have no doubt that not all our friends and family would feel all that comfortable with taking help on holiday, but then why not?  We go on holiday about twice a year and we always invite our mothers along and to be honest it’s partly to help us with the child(ren). This year they couldn’t tag along so we decided we wont struggle on our own but have Lindi join us and it was great.


Not only was she a tremendous help, we actually got to know her much better and she had herself a lovely time as well. Our children were well taken care of and hubby and I got to go on dates, yeah!

So I have not only found a great nanny for my children but I am learning to not care about what people think, being a mother literally means doing what works for you. I am learning every day that as long as I love my children and try my best then that’s enough, even if that means employing help even on holiday.

As my sister-in-law always reminds me, happy mom, means happy children and of course happy hubby too.


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